Sham is currently based in Berlin, pursuing his master’s degree at the Berlin University of the Arts, majoring in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts. Graduating from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) and receiving a degree in Sound Design, Sham has been collaborating with a variety of Hong Kong theatre groups, festivals and independent artists.

In 2021, Sham’s spatial audio composition “What is your Soundmark of the year?” was awarded the golden prize of the Europe’s Fifth Student 3D Audio Production Competition (Soundscape/Audio drama), organized by the Verband Deutscher Tonmeister*innen (VDT), a world-leading professional association for audio professionals. He has also been the contributing artist of a collective art project “Windwall“, a sound sculpture consisting of 4000 harmonicas collected worldwide. A pilot event was presented at the East Side Gallery accompanied by several concerts in Sep 2021.

His recent theatre projects participated include a spatial audio theatre project NEWS is bad for you by Fableist Ensemble (2020), architectural projection mapping composition LIGHTS UP@THE MILLS (2021) by DAAIMUNG; The Plague (2021) by the 49th Hong Kong Arts Festival.

One of his frequent artistic partners is the widely acclaimed Hong Kong theatre company On & On Theatre Workshop, in which he has contributed to projects ranging from original text-based theatre to participatory documentary theatre, namely, The Phenomenon of Man: REVOLVER (2017), The Plot (2018), Best Wishes (2018) and Ballads of Expulsion (2019). He also worked with the creative arts organization “orleanlaiproject” in the outdoor project Circular Reflection (2017-2018) of participatory installation and experiential performance; and an intermedia collaborative performance, Claustrophobia (2017). In 2018, The Furies Variations of Rooftop Productions, in which he participated as a sound designer and live musician, earned him and his team the Best Stage Aesthetics Design in the 11th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.

Sham is also the founding member of a Hong Kong experimental theatre group, Inspire Workshop. As a sound designer he contributed to the group’s projects, including a documentary theatre about Asian domestic helper The Help (2018), a classics reworked Offending the Audience (Deconstructed) (2016), an exploration inspired by German theatre work Liebe ist Kalter Als Das Kapital (Deconstructed) (2015), and an auto-biographical theatre series Jacklam 20th, 21st and 22nd anniversary (2010-2012). Inspire Workshop recently collaborated with Rooftop Production, producing the online theatre/game experience R.U.HUMAN?.

Besides theatre works, he has extended his realm of sound design to contemporary dance since 2017. He collaborated with Y-space in Room X (2017), as well as independent choreographers KT Yau and Fai Tsang.